Record your wishes

Ensuring your wishes are respected

Have you thought about what kind of funeral you would like to have? How would you like your life to be celebrated?

Do you know what kind of funeral your parents would want to have?

Are your loved ones aware of what you would like to happen to your beloved pets or precious possessions?

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A valid, up to date Will is a first step

As part of our end of life planning all adults should all have a valid up to date Will. To set out our wishes for important assets such as a house or other property. And for other substantial items such as cash, shares or specific valuables.

But a Will often doesn’t include our wishes for many other things that are important to us. You may like to read our blog article on some of the things a will usually won’t cover.

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Recording your funeral wishes

If you have already thought about your funeral wishes, your Will is not usually the best place to record them. Funeral arrangements need to be made without delay and it usually takes time to locate and formally validate a will.

By using your Anticipate Life app account to record your funeral wishes you provide your loved ones with certainty and clarity. Rather than leaving them to wonder what you would have wanted.

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Note your other wishes and requests

And by storing other key life information in your Anticipate Life app account they will also be aware of any other special wishes and preferences you have recorded.

Such as your wishes for the future care of your pets and what you want done with your personal belongings. If there are any special items would like to gift to loved ones and even how to deal with subscriptions you may have.

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Anticipate Life keeps your information and wishes in one, secure online location

We suggest you read our blog on the importance of storing our life information safely. In your Anticipate Life account you can nominate a person or persons, including your Executor under your Will, to have access to the information in your account after your passing.

You can record in advance information which those left behind will need, such as the location of your Will, and where you keep other important documents.

This will make the administration of your personal affairs and estate much easier for your Executor and your family.

Those we leave behind will want to honour our wishes. But they can only do that if they know what we wanted.

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