Take control

Organising your personal affairs now allows you to retain control later

Getting our personal affairs in order is a task we tend to postpone.

This can be especially true when it comes to organising our end of life planning. You may like to read our blog article which suggests things you can start thinking about as part of your planning.

Our end of life is not a subject we like to think much about. But it is an important one. None of us can predict the future. So it makes good sense to plan and act now.

If we don’t record our decisions and wishes in advance matters may move beyond our control. And even beyond the control of the loved ones we leave behind.

Anticipate Life provides a simple way for you to organise and securely record your life and end of life information and wishes.

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Making a record of our personal data

We all have important documents. Proof of ownership, insurance policies, birth certificate, passport. Where are they stored?

We have assets or possessions of various types. Bank accounts, super. Subscriptions, social media accounts. Do you have an up to date record of your important personal data?

Will your family and executor be able to easily locate and identify this information when the time comes?

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“End of life planning made simple.”

Your Will and Funeral wishes

Other parts of our lives also require some forward planning. By addressing them now you gain peace of mind and avoid leaving your loved ones with uncertainty and confusion.

Make sure you have a valid up to date Will. You can also think about making a Living Will or Advance Care Directive which remains effective if you loose capacity to make your own decisions. You should keep a record of where these important documents are stored.

We invite you to read our blog articles on Wills, Living Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney which explain the importance and benefits of having these documents in place.

Have you thought about your funeral wishes? Will your family know, or remember, what you want? Recording your wishes will provide your loved ones with the guidance they need.

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Keep all your information safely in one place

Keeping all your information and wishes in one location ensures that neither you nor your loved ones will have to worry in the future about looking for or losing essential documents or details.

Anticipate Life makes it easy to find this information quickly when needed by using our digital information locker. You can read our blog for more information on storing your life information safely.

You remain in control at all times.  Your information and wishes are completely confidential and can only be accessed by those you nominate. And if your thoughts or circumstances change you can amend and update your information and wishes at any time free of charge.

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